The Right Building and Gardening Materials For You

At Lothian DIY and Building Supplies we pride ourselves on being able to supply our customers with any product they need, whether it is in stock or needs ordering. The materials we provide are of the highest quality and will be delivered to your home and garden on your request.

From DIY to Driveways

Whether you are carrying out a small DIY project and just need the basic tools for the job, or are planning on having your garden landscaped, then we can supply you with the products you will need.

Our building supplies come from some of the major suppliers in the country and are guaranteed to suit your needs. Our customer service and prices are hard to beat and our online shop allows you to order any of our products from the comfort of your own home or office.

Buying the Right Aggregates

One of the most relaxing ways to spend the summer days is to lounge in the garden, so getting the layout right is an important part of landscaping. We can supply you with sixteen different types of stone, granite, slate or moonstone, which will look great in any garden setting, whatever your ambitions.

Laying aggregates from sourced from our builders merchants will keep any path or flower bed free from weeds and will reduce the amount of work needed in the future.

Paving For Your Garden

Long gone are the days when garden paths were made from flagstones and crazy paving. We can offer you a huge range of paving options, from Millstone to Quartos and Trustlate, all of which come in every colour shape and size imaginable.

When choosing your paving you will want it to match your existing garden fittings and outbuildings, so using the right stone is as important as planting the right flowers. You’ll also want your new path to complement your house.

Wooden Fencing and Decking

When designing your garden one of the main features can be the area where you are going to spend most of your time. An increasing number of people are installing decking for social activities, including barbecues or just relaxing. Using the right builders merchants is important when buying the timber for an area that is going to be covered with decking or if you are building a trellised area, or completing a fencing project.

We can supply any form of timber and can also order specialist items in for any awkward job. Quality is always an essential when it comes to using timber, cheap is not always cost effective.

Finishing Your Flower Beds

One alternative to covering your front garden with gravel is to try one of our many forms of wood bark, these include very coarse to bark mulch, which will gradually rot down and will naturally fertilise your soil, and reduce the chance of weeds returning. These barks give you a natural look and will blend in with your flowerbeds and property.

Why not contact us or look at our wide range of products online for all your DIY needs.