Add Some Style to Your Home With Block Paving

If you are looking for the perfect way to enhance your home, then laying a block paving driveway may be the ideal way of achieving this. Block paving comes in many styles and colours and once it has been laid it will enhance your home.

The Benefits of Block Paving

There are many advantages for using block paving; some of these include the durability and hard wearing nature of the materials that we use. Our fully qualified and experienced work team will be able to work with you on the design and layout of your driveway, path or any external space you wish to have covered.

We can supply a wide range of building supplies from our local builder’s merchants; these include the standard moulded concrete block paving (CBP) and edging, to kiln-fired clay bricks. With our advice and range of supplies, you’ll be able to carry out your DIY project trio the best of your satisfaction.

Choosing the Right Finish

The benefits of having the non-slip, moulded block paving is its durability, long life span and wide range of shapes and textures. Block paving comes in a variety of thicknesses, for use with paths or high volume driveways.

When trying to choose the right block paving for your driveway there are many finishes, colours and shapes to take into account. The standard rectangular block was a common choice, but more recently the multi coloured surface concrete block paving, in varying shapes and sizes, is becoming more popular.

Colours and Mixes

Our builder’s merchants can supply any type of concrete block paving to suite your needs and with the wide variety available in stock so you can improve the quality and value of your house. There are two processes used to produce colour in these blocks, the first is the ‘through colour block’ which is made using a coloured concrete mix which is poured into moulds.

The other technique is to make a block using plain concrete and adding a colour to the surface. This last process allows the blocks to be produced in a wider range of colours and finishes and also reduces the cost.

Laying Your Block Paving

When it comes to laying your new concrete block paving there are various methods used in this process. One is called ‘flexible construction’ where the blocks are laid on a cement free base and the joints are filled with silica sand, these are normally laid by hand. The preparation for this involves excavating the area to be paved, which will then be filled with a ‘sub-base’ material, at which point you will lay all drainage pipes. The area is then edged and covered with coarse sand ready for the paving to be laid. Maintenance is minimal in the future.

A Modern Finish to Last

We take pride in our workmanship and quality on the projects we carry out and if you think your home would benefit from concrete paving blocks on your driveway or patio; then contact us for a chat.